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With four out of five Europeans now living in towns and cities, rural areas across the continent have been struck by depopulation, land abandonment and economic stagnation. Rewilding Europe believes that rewilding can create new jobs and business opportunities that could revitalise rural communities and economies.

Nature has always taken care of itself, and this is what we would like to see more of. Yet it will take time to work through practical challenges like human-wildlife conflict as people learn to coexist alongside growing wildlife populations and managing the complexities related to land ownership.

According to Arjaan Pellis, a lecturer in cultural geography at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, opposition to rewilding may also arise when locals feel that projects are being imposed from the outside. Further, for Pettorelli, until a consensus is reached amongst scientists and practitioners on what rewilding is and how to do it, its full potential will never be unleashed. From a policy perspective, because the natures that emerge from rewilding are unexpected and not prescribed, it makes them harder to protect in law, says Jepson. Equal Times is a trilingual news and opinion website focusing on labour, human rights, culture, development, the environment, politics and the economy from a social justice perspective.

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Green Infrastructure in Bulgaria — Biodiversity Information system for Europe

News By Kira Walker. A different philosophy For decades, the way in which humans relate to the environment has been framed by the idea that nature is under threat from capitalism and industry, and in need of protection, says Paul Jepson, nature recovery lead at the UK-based ecological consultancy Ecosulis. An environmental movement for the 21st century Over the last decade, both concept and term have grown in popularity as small and large restoration projects across Europe have increasingly implemented rewilding principles.

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3. Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure

Conservation Land Management. Go to Conservation Land Management. Publisher: Pensoft Publishers. Click to have a closer look. Select version. About this book Customer reviews Related titles.

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Images Additional images. Customer Reviews Review this book. Series: Biodiversity of Bulgaria Volume: Current promotions. Bestsellers in Natural History of Europe. Associated Data Supplementary Materials Supplementary material 1: Occurence records of the studied Gryllotalpa species. The Open Database License ODbL is a license agreement intended to allow users to freely share, modify, and use this Dataset while maintaining this same freedom for others, provided that the original source and author s are credited.

Abstract Described from the steppe zones north of the Black Sea, Caucasus, and central Asia, Gryllotalpa stepposa Zhantiev was recently recorded from a few localities in Greece, R. Keywords: Distribution, Gryllotalpa , Orthoptera , south-eastern Europe. Introduction Although the Orthoptera fauna of south-eastern Europe, including the Balkan Peninsula, is comparatively well explored, several faunistic and taxonomic issues remain and most of these address one of the most fragmentary known groups: the crickets.


Materials and methods Gryllotalpa specimens were found while actively searching in moist ground, preferably near a water source. Key for the identification of south-east European species of Gryllotalpa : 1 Space between the proximal and next dorsal inner spine on hind tibiae wide, larger than the space between the distal spines Fig. Tegmina with weak light-colored veins Fig.

Apical part of epiphallus shovel-like widened; its tip usually convex and flattened Fig.

Tegmina with strong dark-colored veins Fig. Apical part of epiphallus widened or not but the tip concave, dorso-ventrally thick and humped, forming a longitudinal ventral slot Fig. Poorly distinguished morphologically from the following species according to our own measurements, differences in epiphallus proposed by Ingrisch et al. Open in a separate window.

Associates of named chalcidoid

Figure 2. Discussion Until recently only Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa , Gryllotalpa unispina , and Gryllotalpa krimbasi were known to occur in the Balkans. Figure 1. Acknowledgements We are grateful to I. Click here to view. References Baccetti B. Su alcuni ortotteroidei del Mediterraneo orientale.

Associated Data

Fragmenta Entomologica 23 2 : — Le specie italiane del genere Gryllotalpa L. Redia 61 : — Systematic Entomology 23 : — Blattodea, Mantodea, Gryllodea. Bulletin de l'Institut zoologique de l'Academie des sciences de Bulgarie 6 : — In: Beron P. Biodiversity of Bulgaria 4. Articulata 25 1 : 73— Sbornik na ekspeditsiyata po polezashtitnite poyasi v Dobrudzha. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, — Version 5. Fauna of Saudi Arabia.

New Thracian Gold - Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria - Ivaylovgrad area

Ciba—Geigy Ltd. Entomologische Zeitschrift 5 : — North-Western Journal of Zoology 11 1 : 58— Journal of Genetics 50 : — Maturna 10 : 11— Archiv des Unterrichtsministerium Sofia 1 3 : 83— In: Fauna de la Thrace. In: Beron P, Popov A.

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